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Conditions in case of cancellation on your side

Clients may cancel their trip at any time. Any cancellation by a client shall be communicated, as soon as possible, to

our agency. Penalties are applied as follows:

Cancellation up until 30 days prior to the date of departure: 15% of the tour price
Cancellation 29-15 days prior to the date of departure: 25% of the tour price
Cancellation 14-9 days prior to the date of departure: 50% of the tour price
Cancellation 8- 4 days prior to the date of departure: 75% of the tour price
Cancellation less than 4 days prior to the date of departure: 100% of the tour price
You can subscribe a cancellation insurance, which in the event of cancellation will refund you for the above penalties.
We also advise you to check if this is not provided for in your credit card insurance contract.
Special conditions during the COVID-19 crisis: Each case of cancellation being different, our agency will do everything
that is possible to allow you to recover the sums that have not been used for reservations for tourist services through
our agency, or that have been reimbursed by our partner suppliers. Thus, after a case-by-case study by our customer
service, our travelers who wish to cancel without postponing their trip will be able to recover all or part of the sums
involved, regardless of the cancellation penalties mentioned above.
In the event of exceptional and unavoidable circumstances or force majeure, the amount received for your trip will be
converted into a credit usable 18 months from the date of cancellation. If no travel contract has been concluded at the
end of this period, the amounts will be fully refunded.
Please note that if you made any additional changes to the program or if there were price differences related to the
new dates you selected, you would be responsible for any additional fees or be credited if the prices were lower.
Conditions of booking
At the time of booking, the customer pays a deposit of 25% of the total package.
The balance must be paid no later than 30 days before the start date of the stay.
For any reservation made within 30 days of the trip, the full amount must be paid at the time of booking.
In the event of non-payment of the sums due on time, France by Locals will be legally authorized to cancel the
contract and to request reimbursement of the supplier’s penalties.
The terms for the payment of the deposit and the balance will be sent to you by email.


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