Wandering on Land and Sea on the French Riviera

Wandering on Land and Sea on the French Riviera

Welcome to the dazzling French jewel of the Mediterranean, the French Riviera, or Côte d’Azur in French. Beyond the clichés of the must-visit southern tourist destination, France by Locals invites you to dive into the heart of this enchanting region, where nature, gastronomy, relaxation, and maritime adventures come together to create unforgettable travel memories.





Toulon bay

Begin your off-the-beaten-path journey by exploring Toulon Bay. A relatively lesser-known region of the French Riviera, this bay offers a peaceful escape away from the tourist hustle. The bay is surrounded by tall hills of white limestone, where umbrella pines perch, contrasting with the blue of the sea. A cable car ascent to the top of Mont Faron allows you to admire the panorama. Also, explore the beaches of the Saint-Mandrier peninsula or Sablettes Beach and its landscaped park, dominated by the silhouette of Mount Cap Sicié.

Bandol wines

For a unique sensory experience, head to the vineyards of Bandol. This well-kept wine region is renowned for its exceptional white and red wines. Explore family cellars, taste wines rich in flavors, and immerse yourself in the art of living between Provence and the French Riviera.

Hyères and the golden islands

The Golden Isles, including Porquerolles and the Port-Cros National Park, represent a preserved haven of peace. Hyères, the gateway to this archipelago, charms with its medieval allure. Explore the trails of Porquerolles by bike and dive into the turquoise waters bordering the protected area of Port-Cros Island. Away from the crowds in the off-season, nature flourishes in all its splendor.


Explore the cobbled streets of Biot, renowned for its glass craftsmanship. Between artistic discoveries, savor local dishes in charming restaurants nestled in picturesque corners.


The perfume capital of the world, Grasse invites you to an olfactory feast. Dive into the history of local fragrances and indulge in Provencal dishes in the intimate cafes of the old town.

Le Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer

For a leisurely break, Le Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer is ideal. Enjoy the beaches and relax under the Mediterranean sun.



Activités Maritimes à Nice

From morning boat rides to sunset sailing cruises, explore the Mediterranean in a way that will awaken your senses and revive your spirit of adventure.

Lounging in Saint-Tropez or Hiking in the Esterel Massif

Of course, the French Riviera does not forget its classics.



Explore the colorful alleys, discover the history of fishermen, and immerse yourself in the lively life of this iconic village.

Massif de l'Estérel

For hiking enthusiasts, the trails of the Esterel Massif offer spectacular panoramas. Between red rocks and fragrant pines, discover the raw beauty of nature.

Bon voyage !

France by Locals invites you to an authentic escape along the French Riviera. Far from the traditional tourist paths, every corner of this region reveals a unique facet of France, ready to be explored and cherished. Embark on an adventure where every moment becomes a page in your own travel diary.

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