Escape to Northern France with France by Locals

Welcome to Northern France, a region little-known to travelers, where new adventures await you! With France by Locals as your guide, plunge into the heart of this unique region, customize your adventure and discover hidden gems that few have had the pleasure of discovering.

Nord Pas de Calais: Time travel

Imagine strolling through the medieval streets of Arras, where every step takes you back to a bygone era. The picturesque squares bear witness to the town’s rich past, but what about exploring these alleyways by bike, exploring secret corners far from the usual tourist trails?

In Berck-sur-Mer, beyond the lively beaches, why not opt for an excursion on horseback along the coast, allowing a deeper connection with the coastal landscape?

Calais, a historic port, is not just about ferries to England. Take to the picturesque cycle paths to explore its lively alleyways, and discover the fascinating tales of sailors and travelers as you breathe in the invigorating sea air of the Channel and North Seas.

Cap Blanc-Nez offers breathtaking views of majestic cliffs. Add a dose of adventure by cycling these cliffs, an experience that combines adrenaline and breathtaking scenery!

Off-the-beaten paths

The Côte d’Opale is much more than an invitation to get away from it all, it offers panoramic cycling routes. From >Hardelot to Wimereux, explore the region at your own pace, discovering secluded beaches and breathtaking coastal scenery. For history buffs, the Bassin Minier, a UNESCO World Heritage site, can also be discovered on horseback, offering a unique perspective on this transformed industrial landscape.

Picardy: Encountering the Past and Nature

Valloires Abbey, a spiritual haven surrounded by verdant gardens, is the ideal starting point for a hike along the narrow roads and steep paths that lead to breathtaking views over the Authie valley.

The Chemin des Dames history trails are also suitable for amateur or more intrepid cyclists! Explore these historic landscapes as you pedal through the battlefields of the First World War and reach the Historial de la Grande Guerre in Péronne. For a unique experience, join a horseback ride through the surrounding fields, combining emotion and adventure as you gallop!

The Ornithological park of Marquenterre can be discovered by bike, allowing a respectful approach to the local fauna. Pedal along the nature trails, observe the birds and soak up the natural beauty of this reserve.

The Hidden Jewels

The Baie de Somme, an unspoilt natural gem, offers a unique means of exploration: the steam train. Embark on a nostalgic journey through salt marshes, dunes and meadows, offering a unique perspective on this picturesque landscape. The Natural Parc of Marquenterre and the Baie de Somme are also ideal for horseback riding, offering total immersion in unspoilt nature.

Explore the area around the Gothic cathedrals of Amiens and Beauvais by bike, along cycle paths that take you through picturesque neighborhoods and impressive urban panoramas.

The castles of Saint-Riquier, Valloires, Pierrefonds, Chantilly and Compiègne become accessible on horseback, adding a touch of nobility to your trip.

With France by Locals as your travel companion, customize your experience and experience Northern France like never before. Each destination is a new page in your travel diary, each activity a new adventure to experience. So, what’s there to do in Northern France? Whether by bike, on horseback or aboard the picturesque Baie de Somme train, your trip promises unforgettable discoveries. Have a good trip!