Discovery of wild and gourmet Provence

Using an electric bike allows you to cross the limestone reliefs of the Alpilles almost effortlessly. The stages have been designed to allow time to enjoy the region, the accommodation, stroll through the stopover villages, meet locals and artisans, and enjoy the café terraces.

The horseback excursion, an institution in the Camargue, will allow you, depending on your level, to penetrate otherwise inaccessible places, and to observe this ecosystem teeming with life, where the sky, the earth and the sea meet.

Strolling through Périgord

Périgord… Everyone who has spent a few days in Dordogne praises its wonders. It is the promise of a journey through History, from pre-human times to the Middle Ages. At the bend of a wooded path or a meandering river, a medieval castle, a thousand-year-old cave, and a farm with ancestral practices are revealed in turn. The gastronomy is generous, as are the locals, proud of their traditions.

And what more ecological way to discover this region than the rhythm of walking, whether ours or that of the horses. Like in the good old days, they are our adventure companions to travel through the countryside and forests.


On the lavender roads, from the Rhône valley to the Camargue

Delight for the taste buds and pupils, renowned wines, relaxation in the shade of olive trees: in Provence, we know how to appreciate life! Choosing slow travel from Montélimar to Arles means enjoying strolling through peaceful villages and seeing Montbrun-les-Bains, Roussillon or Gordes, some of the most beautiful hilltop villages in France, revealed around a bend. But also delve into the color palette of the masters of painting in the Luberon and follow the waves of the Sorgue, the Durance and the Rhône. So, when we reach the end of the road, in a Camargue with preserved biodiversity, time stops completely.

We discover all this at our own pace, hair in the wind. Guided by the typical scents of Provence, we cross expanses of bright lavender, fields of olive trees standing in the wind and plots of high altitude vines. Fig trees, almond trees, apricot trees and wild plants complete this aromatic range, which we find with delight at our table every evening.

Ongi Etorri in the Basque Country

It is best to enter through effervescent Bayonne, capital of Basque culture, gourmet and party-loving. We like to get lost there, attracted here by a sweet scent of chocolate, there by a colorful fresco. Everywhere, typical houses proudly wear the colors of the flag, with their white facades and red and green shutters. We let ourselves be guided by our senses, because here pleasure is elevated to the art of living. Wherever we look, the Pyrenees mountains call us.

Wherever we look, the Pyrenees mountains call us. From Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, you have to blend into the wild nature to understand what Basque life means. Climb there with the sheep and their shepherd, observe the raptors and migratory birds on the Spanish border, admire a stunning view of the ocean at the end of a hike, and, always, reward your efforts with one of the culinary wonders produced by mountain people.