Back to the Basque Country

“Ongi Ettori” as it could be read on my grandmother’s doormat. For two generations, my family has found its stronghold there, and I take pleasure in coming here to recharge, inhale the smell of sea spray in fishing ports, meditate to the sound of waves and rigging snapping against the masts of sailboats, savor Franco-Spanish…

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Seba, the newest travel designer

Since the end of 2023, my life has taken an exhilarating turn. I had the extraordinary opportunity to join France By Locals, a tailor-made travel agency focused on sustainable and slow travel values. My name is Sebastian, and as a tourism professional, I have been guided by an unwavering passion for discovery and exploration. My…

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Marseille gourmand – Back to the country

Returning to Marseille after 17 years in Southeast Asia, I wished to immerse myself in the essence of the city, reconnect with its inhabitants, and once again feel the human warmth and generosity that emanate from them. I wanted to immerse myself in this proud and jovial population. To be seduced by a very special…

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